If This Wasn’t So Funny, It’d Be Laughable!



Invisibles.fun is a company built around our name… much of what we create is “Invisible” and that’s just half the fun, our gag gifts and pranks go far beyond the common junk often offered in this category… we take gift giving to a new and better level.

We augment our gags with collectible cans, art cans, greeting card cans, coloring cans, optical illusion cans, and game cans.  We do crazy-funny stuff with buckets in our “Instant Whatever” and “VP of Whatever” series.  

If you’re wondering why we do all this hilarious stuff, you might say… “it’s in our DNA!” (which by the way, is another gag product we offer.).

Visit us on Amazon and spark a little fun in your life while bringing smiles to everyone around you. Why not?